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  • Items filtered by date: Friday, 24 October 2014
  • Saudi Arabia, Turkey bound by history, common values
  • UN's Ban Ki-moon arrives in Somalia
  • Bangladesh Islamist leader sentenced to hang for war crimes
  • Cerita Menteri Keuangan Soal Suasana Sidang Kabinet
  • On isolated Gaza's southern flank, an Egyptian buffer zone takes shape (+video)
  • Fed Exit Could Spark Slump in All Markets, ATP CEO Says
  • Royals look toward next season after dream run
  • Murray books London place, Federer eases through
  • Russia Agrees to Terms With Ukraine Over Gas Supply
  • Comic Colbert toasts Canada's gun-packing parliamentary sergeant-at-arms
  • Social enterprise graduates celebrate end of year-long course
  • Ukraine, Moscow clinch deal on Russian gas supply
  • LDS Church says women's meeting will be the first session of General Conference
  • Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady: Who Would You Take?
  • ISIS: Reality TV fan and former Girl Guide heads to Syria with 14-month-old son to join Islamic State terrorists



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