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Stjarnan storm to Iceland's women's title

team league women

2013-08-29 15:02:10

Stjarnan have taken the Icelandic women's league title for a second time following a 4-0 victory against Valur on Wednesday night, to become the first team to clinch a 2014/15 UEFA Women's Champions League berth.

Rúna Sif Stefánsdóttir, Danka Podovac, Harpa Thorsteinsdóttir and Írunn Thorbjörg Aradóttir were all on target as Stjarnan took full advantage after their only remaining challengers Breidablik slipped to a shock 2-1 defeat by low-ranked Afturelding. "It is a privilege to be a striker for this team because I benefit when the whole team plays so well," said Thorsteinsdóttir, the Icelandic league's 21-goal top scorer. "The team is great – a good mix of young and older players, but most of us have played together for a long time so we know each other very well."

The team from the Reykjavik suburb

of Gardabaer have won all 14 of their league games this season, and have reclaimed the crown they first won in 2011 with four games to spare. "I am very proud of the team," said coach Thorlákur Árnason. "I did not expect us to win tonight but it was great because we played so well. The team spirit is great. I have never coached a team like this. Their ambition is enormous and the players get better every year."

On Saturday, Breidablik won Iceland's women's cup competition for the tenth time with a 2-1 victory against last year's league champions Thór/KA. Having taken the 2012 title, Thór/KA are awaiting next week's UEFA Women's Champions League round of 32 draw.

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