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Paula Patton And Robin Thicke End Marriage, Was Miley To Blame?

thicke patton may

2014-02-26 05:07:27

In what may be a bit of sad news, actress Paula Patton and singer Robin Thicke have called it quits. The high school sweathearts turned husband and wife of 8 years decided mutually to go their separate ways, according to sources, The thing is, many believe that there were too many “blurred lines” in the marriage if you will.

Thicke and Patton may have had issues going on for a while, but it seems like a lot of rumors occurred after the infamous MTV Video Music Awards appearance. The appearance saw the always controversial Miley Cyrus making the “twerk” a huge deal. She was shaking what her mother gave her and doing so in a sexual way toward Thicke.

Incidentally, the song “Blurred Lines” was being done by Thicke at the time and the song

is by no means innocent in lyrics. This could have started a fire from what may have already been smoke in the Patton/Thicke household. Of course like any upstanding celeb couple, they denied reports of a marriage issue. They even made appearances with each other at events to further add to the rumors of an issue between the couple to be false.

Thicke said in a comment toward the Prestige Hong Kong Magazine:

“I don’t know if I would still be alive in some ways if it wasn’t for Paula. She’s been my rock, my muse, my inspiration and I love her. The whole way.”

The comments happened to be in September, near the time of the infamous appearance. While the two may have okay during this time and only having small issues, this by no means helped the incident. Paula is also an actress and away from Thicke often, who is a singer.

The Mission Impossible beauty and singer may simply have had issues with not being near each other. If cheating potential is there with either one, trust can go out of the window. So it could be far more than we realize. Celebrity couples like Patton and Thicke are known to split due to schedules. While some have thrived in their marriage, others crumbled from it and never had a true relationship with their significant other.

This is a problem for several celeb couples, so it’s not surprising we’re seeing another marriage end. Both did a joint statement regarding the split, saying:

“We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time.”

It’s good to know both Paula and Robin will remain friends, but why the split truly happened is currently up in the air. Again, some will point to the award show performance with Miley. Was she at fault totally or were there problems stirring that many didn’t see? Maybe a mixture of both.

Patton and Robin have a child, Julian Fuego, who is four. Patton is expected to have custody of the child as of this writing. There is also no official paperwork filed on a divorce. We do know however, that they are currently separated and that is the only thing confirmed.

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