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Paris tightrope walker crosses river Seine
Paris tightrope walker crosses river Seine
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Tightrope Walker Crosses the Seine
Tightrope Walker Balances Above The Seine River
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Tightrope walker Denis Josselin completes walk over the river Seine in Paris

Paris tightrope walker crosses river Seine

2014-04-06 19:43:06

A famous French tightrope walker, Denis Josselin, completed a walk over the river Seine in Paris on Sunday.

It took him 30 minutes to walk over 150 meters (492 feet) of rope, while 25 meters (82 feet) above the river.

“I am the last tightrope walker that got the authorisation to cross the Seine river, it was ten years ago. So, these occasions are so rare that I am enjoying them as much as possible,” Josselin said after his performance.

Several hundred people were watching Josselin as he balanced on a tightrope, crossing the Seine river.

“It’s astonishing, it’s brave? I hope he won’t fall,” said Julien Dhaye, spectator from Paris.

After several dozens of tightrope crossings all around the world, Josselin is far from retirement and full of

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new ideas.

“I have several ongoing projects and one of them is crossing over a massive hight, more than 70 meters high, but I won’t tell you more now.”

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