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[{"b":"d","i":"1011485","t":"Strong quake in west China kills 5; 54 hurt","a":1},{"b":"d","i":"1011481","t":"AASTOCKS Financial News - Popular News","a":2},{"b":"c","i":"1920300","t":"WATCH LIVE: Abu Dhabi GP Race Day live on NBCSN from 7a ET","a":3},{"b":"e","i":"546474","t":"Should You Go Back To School If You Hate Your Job?","a":4},{"b":"e","i":"546470","t":"After Digital Watches, How Long Until The Wearable Twitter?","a":5},{"b":"d","i":"1011460","t":"New drug shows promise against treatment-resistant non-small cell lung cancer","a":6},{"b":"a","i":"1379814","t":"HRD Minister Smriti Irani turns down demands to make Sanskrit compulsory","a":7},{"b":"c","i":"1920284","t":"F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Hamilton \u2018better prepared than I ever have been\u2019","a":8},{"b":"d","i":"1011450","t":"FlipBuilder, Developer of Digital Brochure Software, Shares Tips On Flippable Brochure Design","a":9},{"b":"d","i":"1011447","t":"Detechtion Technologies Announces EP Engineering Sdn Bhd as Agent for Southeast Asia","a":10},{"b":"a","i":"1379799","t":"Paris Saint-Germain v Ajax: Dutch outfit quietly confident","a":11},{"b":"a","i":"1379788","t":"Smriti Irani Turns Down Demands to Make Sanskrit Compulsory","a":12},{"b":"c","i":"1920225","t":"Netanyahu Tests Coalition Allies With \u2018Jewish State\u2019 Proposal","a":13},{"b":"b","i":"1314007","t":"Watch Jennifer Aniston Grab Jason Sudeikis' Butt on the Red Carpet!","a":14},{"b":"c","i":"1920217","t":"Indian women beach kabaddi team wins gold","a":15},{"b":"a","i":"1379765","t":"UNICEF report card highlights need for action","a":16},{"b":"c","i":"1920162","t":"Google Contributor lets you pay to remove ads from websites","a":17},{"b":"b","i":"1313995","t":"Local film The New Village promotes communists, approval unlikely, says minister - Yahoo News Singapore","a":18},{"b":"b","i":"1313975","t":"SAARC Standing Committee discusses terrorism, energy, poverty","a":19},{"b":"a","i":"1379698","t":"From the Regulators","a":20}]


Strong quake in west China kills 5; 54 hurt