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Victim of shootout dies

Omaha police officer copes with young, shooting death victims

2013-08-06 07:26:04

Posted: 12:05 am

Motorcycle gang rivalry blamed after gunfight during fundraiser

Police continued Monday to investigate a shootout during a fundraiser at a North Valley motorcycle shop on Sunday that left one man dead.

Japheth Seaman, 36, was shot and later died of his injuries. Police said Monday evening that it wasn’t clear who fired the shot that killed Seaman because there were several shooters.

According to police, the firefight erupted about 3:30 p.m. at Eppie’s Motorcycle Services, 2701 Fourth Street NW, where shop owners were hosting a fundraiser for a cancer patient. The event included a raffle and an auction.

During the event, three men, including Seaman, who belonged to an “outlaw motorcycle gang,” arrived and began yelling at attendees, possibly because of “tension between rival motorcycle gangs,” said Albuquerque

Police Department spokeswoman Tasia Martinez.

Police said Japheth Seaman’s brother, Malachi Seaman, 37, pulled out a collapsible baton and hit one of the fundraiser attendees in the face. Japheth Seaman and the third man, who is unidentified, pulled out handguns and began firing at the crowd. Police said several people in the crowd began firing back.

Martinez said police arrived to find a “chaotic” scene with shots still being fired. One person was shot in the leg. Investigators found 70 spent bullet casings at the scene.

Malachi Seaman was arrested and booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He posted property against $25,000 bail and was released Monday, according to jail records.

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