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Allegations of fraud, dog killing, and pet abandonment surround Hope for Paws

rescue dogs eldad

2013-09-19 23:51:09

Los Angeles, California - Eldad and Audrey Hagar of Hope for Paws rescue are currently mentioned in a Facebook post dated Wednesday, September 18, 2013, as being involved with a fundraiser to raise money for some rescue animals. Upon seeing this post, many animal advocates immediately panicked because they know the history of this rescue, and it is anything but good. This article is for all those who are unaware of this past.

Many rumors have surrounded Eldad Hagar and his Hope for Paws rescue for the last few years now. Eldad Hagar has been credited with the rescue of over 100 dogs and other animals in 2010, but evidence shows that he is not a hero. In fact, advocates say that he collected thousands of dollars in donations and then abandoned over 100 dogs, leaving many

to die. In an article about a hoarding case in Palmdale, California a couple years ago: Eldad Hagar was credited with rescuing over 100 dogs and a few other animals and he collected over $15,000 to rescue them. At the time, he was working with Sharon Gold, a woman later convicted on embezzlement.

Let’s not forget to mention the two Basenji’s that Eldad Hagar ordered euthanized at Top Dog Resort or the animals he abandoned there and other places. Eldad claimed there were aggressive yet so far no proof of any type of proper evaluation had been done to determine this. As for the abandonment part, in case number: 10S01364 dated July 7, 2010, in a lawsuit for nonpayment to Top Dog Resort for boarding fees, Hope for Paws lost.

This exert from a Facebook post by the Facebook page The Good, the Bad, and the Unforgivable of Animal Cruelty says what really happened

Most of those 100 plus dogs he "rescued" were later abandoned, some shipped off to other states without even a vet exam, left in boarding or some even sent to high kill shelters where one shelter (Irvine) even wrote to Eldad to please come back & get the dogs he left, which he refused. Some dogs were left for over 18 months in boarding by Eldad who didn't even look back or try to help these dogs. Other rescues had to step up and re-rescue the dogs left behind minus the donation money. He basically took the money and ran. There are court records that prove Eldad abandoned those dogs at boarding without payment.

What most of us remember most is the allegations involving a female Labrador retriever that Eldad Hagar and Sharon Gold were said to have left behind, inside a crate, in the hot Arizona desert where she slowly baked to death! In this case, advocates say that Hagar and Gold had called ahead to say they were bringing 12 dogs, but then arrived with only 11. Another concerned individual took it upon themselves to go back to search for the missing dog only to find it locked inside a crate, dead. Please click here to see the horrifying photo of what they found.

According to a Facebook post by the Facebook page The Good, the Bad, and the Unforgivable of Animal Cruelty,

Hope for paws is NOT a new hope partner which means they do NOT rescue shelter animals. They never have. They don't take animals into their rescue & they don't even post animals up for adoption on their page- they give them off to other rescues once they catch and videotape. The only thing Eldad and Hope for Paws (HFP) really push for is votes for winning money.

Hope for Paws is known to win large grants for their charity but is often seen as begging for votes and donations; yet they do not seem to rescue very many dogs and per their website, they have no animals listed for adoption: so where does all the money go? Why are people still voting for them, to help them win money with no proof that they actually rescue animals at all? Better question, why are they even allowed to still be a 501 c 3? Why does anyone donate to them or vote for them at all? Concerned animal advocates are hoping it is simply because many people are unaware of their history and hope this article will help put a stop to that.

Please click here for a video of the dogs rescued from Hope for Paws, the original rescue that was supposed to have saved them, as it makes many advocates sick to know that Hope for Paws is still being credited for that rescue – when in fact, they did anything but rescue those animals.

For more information about Eldad and Audrey Hagar of Hope for Paws please click here to read it straight from the source.

To help me & my wife save animals, please click “subscribe” by my name at the top of this article and help by sharing my articles on Facebook. By doing this, you are helping by bringing more much needed attention to the animals and animal issues featured in my articles.

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