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Bengal colleges may miss Medical Council of India deadline

Bengal colleges may miss Medical Council of India deadline

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KOLKATA: In a recent communique, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has directed all the medical colleges in the state to send a compliance report by September 15 before it starts inspecting the colleges from October 1.However, the medical colleges find it difficult to complete the work because of the ensuing Pujas.

China rebuffs US efforts on South China sea

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China appeared to rebuff pressure from the United States to rein in its assertive actions in the South China Sea on Sunday as Southeast Asian nations declined to overtly back Washington’s proposal for a freeze on provocative acts.

Amir Mehdi: Left out to freeze on K2 and forgotten 14:03:36Cache

Amir Mehdi wanted to be the first Pakistani to scale the country's highest peak, K2, and as one of the strongest climbers in the first team to conquer the summit, 60 years ago, he nearly did. Instead he was betrayed by his Italian companions, left to spend a night on the ice without shelter, and was lucky to survive. In the picturesque Hunza Valley, off the Karakoram Highway that connects north Pakistan with the Chinese province of Xinjiang, lies the village of Hasanabad.