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This Is How Senior Citizens Get Down [SLIDESHOW]

This Is How Senior Citizens Get Down [SLIDESHOW]

dailycaller.com2014-08-21 04:12:29Cache

Senior citizens day is coming up, and it might be helpful to remind you that senior citizens are out there, and they’re doing stuff. For example, they’re drinking tea, and walking through gardens and taking selfies. Here are eleven eye-opening photos of senior citizens. Click an image below for larger version.

Downriver at a glance

thenewsherald.com2014-08-20 11:49:43Cache

The meetings are open to the public.Tai Chi classesDrop in classes of T’ai Chi are offered at the Allen Park Community Center, 15800 White Ave. from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays for $3.00 a class. T’ai Chi is a series of slow movements accompanied by deep breathing.It is effective in improving balance, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and increasing mental focus.Call 1-313-928-0771 for more information.BROWNSTOWN TWP.

Baraka to hold town hall meetings on budget, education

Baraka to hold town hall meetings on budget, education

www.nj.com2014-08-19 23:46:40Cache

NEWARK — Mayor Ras Baraka is hosting a series of town halls over the next two weeks. The newly minted mayor will present information on city finances and education issues at the first town hall Friday at Providence Baptist Church. Parents with young children will be provided with child care. Bus transportation to the meetings will be available for senior citizens and the disabled. To RSVP, call (973) 733-6706 or email townhalls@ci.newark.nj.

Pensioners sign up to ask govt to give subsidy back

Pensioners sign up to ask govt to give subsidy back 19:25:36Cache

DOZENS of Ipswich senior citizens lined up to sign a petition for the Abbott Government to restore the dementia and severe behaviour supplement (DSBS) that was cut on August 1. The $16 a day supplement was previously paid to approved aged care providers. Those signing the petition at a Senior Week function in Ipswich told the QT they were concerned about the burden this may now put on family members.

Residents Return After Safety Scare in

Residents Return After Safety Scare in

wnep.com2014-08-18 22:13:41Cache

FREELAND — Senior citizens were able to return to their apartment building in Luzerne County Monday, about ten hours after it was evacuated. Engineers are still trying to figure out what caused the wall to crack last night at Freeland Senior Apartments. With their wheelchairs and walkers, residents of Freeland Senior Apartments were welcomed back after a noisy and unwelcome surprise. “I’m definitely happy to be home.

Too Many Senior Citizens Get Cancer Screening Says JAMA Study

Too Many Senior Citizens Get Cancer Screening Says JAMA Study

seniorjournal.com2014-08-18 22:07:32Cache

Health and Medicine for Seniors Too Many Senior Citizens Get Cancer Screening Says JAMA Study Researchers examined rates of prostate, breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening in patients 65 or older Aug. 18, 2014 – A large number of senior citizens with limited life expectancy continue to receive routine screenings for prostate, breast, cervical and colorectal cancer, according to the authors of a study in JAMA Internal Medicine.

French Comedy ‘Le Chef’ Absurdity Fills the Menu, Upholds Tradition

vnews.com2014-08-16 04:58:41Cache

The more seasoned of the two skillet wizards who become friends and co-workers in Le Chef is known for meals that are well-crafted but old-fashioned. That also describes this predictable French comedy, which is amiable but far from piquant. While Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno) researches new ideas for his spring menu, director and co-writer Daniel Cohen serves up the cinematic equivalent of beef bourguignon.

Featured Brokers

centraljersey.com2014-08-15 16:46:14Cache

Kids are invited to take the challenge of skills leading to being named a knight in an interactive game for children age 5 and older at the Kingdom of M (also known as the Manville Public Library) to play "Knight Life" on Thursday, Aug. 28, at 4 p.m.The series of challenges on the Path to Knighthood will take place outside the library and will include various physical activities.Registration has begun. Register online at http://www.sclsnj.

Apartments for Rent for Senior Citizens

Apartments for Rent for Senior Citizens

icelandreview.com2014-08-15 13:53:54Cache

Q: Are there apartments in Reykjavik for rent for senior citizens? Thank you, Nina ------ A: Yes, there are certainly some apartments available for rent and sale exclusively for senior citizens. There are both service apartments, which connect to a service center and health clinic, such as at Hrafnista, as well as apartments which are only differentiated by the fact that they are only for people above a certain age, and without children.

Southern Inlands this week - August 15 | Photos

Southern Inlands this week - August 15 | Photos 11:57:15Cache

BOOROWA: Mackenzie Gooley and Kiara Shean at their Gymnastics competition in the ACT. Photo Boorowa News.BOOROWA: Angus Taylor speaks to the senior citizens of Boorowa about issues which are concerning them.Mercy walkers from 2013 are getting fired up again for this years event.BRAIDWOOD: Jennifer Boyes exhibition opened at STUR Gallery in Braidwood last week. Braidwood resident Peter Kneen too this great shop of the Supermoon at Botany Bay.